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Reinvent the Sunday lunch!

We have to reinvent the Danish Sunday lunch. We must reinvent the Danish cosiness. We must not forget the values on which our lovely country is built. We must not forget that it is in the presence, in the cosiness and in the spirit of love that we live and therefore must gather - just as we once did - around the Danish Sunday table, where we after 6 days of hard work would sit down and eat a well deserved meal with our dear family. 


This is where we find ELG Akvavit forward

The curious will now ask; ‘And what is an aquavit then?’.

The answer in a simple version is: An aquavit is a schnapps. But… An aquavit is a unique schnapps. An aquavit must be characterized by dill and / or cumin seeds - and due to the aquavit's distillation process, in other words it will be called a complex spirit, with many exciting aromas. The schnapps is generally an unprotected title that one can use about all flavored spirits. 

Akvavitten is created for the Danish lunch table - And exactly ELG Akvavit is completely perfect for Danish values, rye bread and cosiness. Our unique ELG Akvavit has in a completely phenomenal way been named both Denmark's AND the world's best aquavit - and we can only thank our all-together Master Distiller, Henrik Elsner, for that.

ELK Akvavit is without a doubt a taste experience that you absolutely must not miss. 

Why is aquavit so suitable for the Danish lunch, Sunday and Easter lunch?

The answer is simple: It goes nothing short of amazing with the food. For herring, open sandwiches and all the fatty, flavor-teasing culinary elements, aquavit is the crowning achievement.

For those of you who want to embark on an ELK Akvavit adventure for your next lunch, you need to know that aquavit, unlike many other spirits, is best enjoyed at room temperature. 

Sip your aquavit for the balance between your mouthwash and spirits will then be perfect, and the fine aromas from ELG's Akvavit will be secreted (which are flavors of orange, fennel and star anise). 


Although we live in 2021 and have not necessarily dragged firewood all morning before we have to enjoy our common beloved Danish lunch - and it is perhaps more the smartphone and the digital life that fills - we think that we - for our sake, for for each other's sake and for the sake of our fatherland - must sit down and eat a nice, Danish lunch. One with rye bread dishes. One with herring and hot liver pate with mushrooms and bacon - and then see the joy in each other's eyes while we enjoy a real wash ELG Akvavit

An aquavit that has been named the world's best aquavit. What better opportunity is there for aquavit than when you sit and enjoy a lunch with your family and friends. 

You will be a huge hit if you pull it up your bag like your ace - for your very own wonderful Sunday lunch. 

(NOTE: ELK Akvavit can also be enjoyed for something other than a Danish lunch, and can also be peppered with a nice and refreshing drink.)


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Photo: Hip Hip Hooray. Artist party at Skagen ’by PS. Krøyer. Found on wikipedia, on linked

// Viktor Stille

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