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Shaken not stirred - Bond and Vesper Martini

James Bond turns 90 - or rather the man who brought Ian Fleming's James Bond character to life - Sean Connery. 

Most of us are familiar with the phrase "Shaken not stirred", as Sean Connery first says in the 1956 film "Diamonds are forever".  

The famous three words have over the years brought Sean Connery into a 90th place on the US Film Institute's top 100 list of famous film quotes.

In the various Bond movies, it varies whether James Bond orders a regular Martini, a vodka Martini or even a Vesper Martini - but one thing is for sure; It must be "shaken not stirred".

Your Bond drink - or a Vesper Martini

The famous cocktail is called Vesper as it is named after the female double agent Vesper Lynd, whom James Bond falls in love with.

It consists of:

  • 3 parts Elg Gin No. 1.
  • 1 del Elk Vodka
  • ½ del Lillet, blonde
  • Shake well with ice cream until it is ice cold
  • Garnish with a piece of fresh lemon peel



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