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Slåen Gin or Sloe Gin - we have collected a few recipes for your cocktail

ELG Danish Premium Sloe Gin

You know it by its color, but also the taste is very different from traditional gin. The name "Sloe" refers to the sage, which is a fruit related to the plum, although the sage is often referred to as a berry. The berry is small, only 1-1.5 cm in diameter, dark blue, and it can not be immediately picked directly from the tree and eaten, due to a pronounced bitterness. It is picked immediately after the first night frost has set in. Then the berries sweetened in sugar are soaked in our award-winning Elg Gin No. 1 for six months.

And voila .... Danish Sloe Gin. Buy it here. 

We have put together a few recipes for your Sloe Gin cocktail.

Sloe Mary

6 cl Sloe Gin
3 cl fresh Lemon juice
1 cl Rose Mary syrup
1 egg white
A little angustura

Shake with ice🥰😁🥰

📸 gin.tonic.inspiration

Replace the port with a Sloe Gin Tonic

If you are tired of the port wine for risalamanden on Christmas Eve, we can highly recommend you try a Sloe Gin Tonic.

2 cl Sloe Gin
Top up with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic
Garnish with an orange peel 

Should it be extravagant, you can choose to serve it in a tall glass filled well with ice cream. Carefully pour the Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic over the ice until there are 2-3 inches left at the top. 

Then you carefully fill in with Sloe Ginnen - which (if you are careful enough) will settle like a nice red top. A good idea is to pour it over the back of a teaspoon so the gin does not "plump" in. 

Finish by twisting a wide orange peel over the glass, then place it between the ice cubes. Taste it ... 

📸 : Løgismose

Sloe Gin Løgismose 

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