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Three hot drinks in a cold time

It's cold out there ... and if you're going for a ski holiday and après ski, it can be hard to keep the abstinences at bay during this time.

Even though we are not going on a ski holiday this year, the weather right now is for you to make your own apres ski in the backyard. We have therefore collected three hot drinks for you that bring back memories of high sun, alpine air, ski boots and powders in fresh memory. 



1 egg
1 teaspoon sugar
3 cl dark room
3 cl brandy or cognac
Warm milk

Here's how you do it:
1 Beat the egg until it becomes a thick solid mass and pour it into a glass.
2 Pour the booze and sugar into the egg mass.
3 Fill with milk and stir well.
4 Garnish with grated nutmeg.


If you like hot cocoa, then you might as well just pour a little brandy and whipped cream in. The brandy makes itself known at the end of each sip, so there is no doubt that there is booze in. Simple, ingenious and can be drunk by anyone. Also children who do not want to sleep.

4 cl Elk brandy
12 cl hot cocoa milk
Whipped cream

Here's how you do it:
1 Pour brandy and cocoa milk into a glass and stir.
2 Put whipped cream on top.


✔️ 70ml Elk Sloe Gin
✔️ 300ml whole milk or skim milk
✔️ 100ml cream
✔️ 75g melted chocolate
✔️ Spice mix: cloves, peppercorns, crushed cinnamon, grated nutmeg

Here's how you do it:
 Warm milk, chocolate and eat mix on low heat for 10 min under lid. After 10 min, cook mixture until it has a soft texture. Pour mixture into cups and add 35ml in each cup and garnish with cinnamon stick. Pure coziness !!

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