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Gin and tonic in champagne bottles with bubbles and soda

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Today, the latest shot at the trunk is launched: A mixed gin / tonic with added bubbles and poured into a champagne bottle. The product is such an innovation that the type of drink has not yet been given a name.
“I got the idea when I had to serve a welcome drink to some guests: Should I serve a gin / tonic or a glass of champagne? I'm sure others have asked themselves that question. But you no longer need that. Now the solution is ready in one and the same bottle ”, says Henrik Elsner.
The contents of the champagne bottle are his Elg Gin no. 1, who most recently won "Gold Outstanding" at an international tasting in London and a special self-produced tonic. 

The special tonic consists of quinine (china bark extract), citric acid and sugar and contains no artificial flavors or colors. The alcohol content is 12% (about the same as champagne) and the ratio of gin to tonic is 1: 3.

Both gin and tonic are produced in Master Distiller Henrik Elsner's distillery on the edge of Esrum Lake, but have had a trip to Frankfurt to be supplied with bubbles and bottled. From here it comes back neat and finished in a delicious design with a champagne stopper. 

"Now I just see how the product is received. If it goes just like my gin and aquavit products, then of course I will also ship the bottle to the export market. Initially, a large number of hotels have shown interest and of course also the many retailers. I have high expectations for this drink ”, emphasizes Henrik Elsner.
The target group for gin / tonic with bubbles is the age group 30+, who want to serve something exclusive to either themselves or guests. Or an original hostess gift. Exactly what the product should be called in everyday speech has not yet been decided. A competition is now being published on Elg-gin's Facebook page, so that this part of the world news from North Zealand will also be managed.

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  • Denne blanding Elg gin tonic
    Smager bare sindsygt godt 😁 👍 🍸glæder mig til at smage nogle andre af produkterne.

    Lars Jakobsen Skov

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