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Elg Spirits

In northern Zealand with a view of Esrum Lake
is the distillery Stone Grange.

Here some of Denmark's most award-winning gin is distilled.


Denmark's (perhaps) best gin

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ELG is more than just gin

Meet the man behind Elg Spirits

Henrik Elsner is the man behind. He was originally a biochemist and spent most of his business working in the pharmaceutical industry, but back in 2009 Henrik changed his mind.

His great interest is distillation - and with just three bontanicals, Henrik is able to conjure up a host of unique flavors. Taste that has gained several international accolades over the years.

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Aquavit goes for more than just herring

Over the years, master distiller Henrik Elsner has worked on creating new tasteful drinks. And in 2019, ELG's aquavit was launched, which with its notes of orange, star anise and licorice goes to much more than the Danish lunch table.

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Brandy, Marc and apple brandy

In recent years, ELG Spirits has been experimenting with utilizing the grapes from its own vineyards down to Esrum Lake as well as apples from plantations in North Zealand. It has developed into three flavored spirits, each one following the coffee well in their own way.

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Brandy from own harvest

Moose Spirits brandy comes from the grape vase from the distiller's own fields.

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