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About us

The story of Elg Spirits begins back in 2009, when the man behind the award-winning alcoholic drinks begins to distill.

The two markers in the entire production are ' science ' and ' crafts ' - and the combination of science and good craftsmanship has helped lift Elg Spirit's products beyond the country's borders.

Today, the distillery at Stone Grange (in Danish Stengården) produces everything from gin over absinth to marc and brandy, which is based on grapes from the distillery's own vineyards.

Henrik Elsner is a bioorganic chemist and he is the distiller's Master Distiller. Henrik Elsner's vision is to produce authentic spirits by combining good craftsmanship with solid natural science.

The stone yard at Esrum lake

The distillery is close to Fredensborg and the distillery's own vineyard extends down to Esrum Lake.

The distillation takes place with a German handmade copper column distillation apparatus. The distillery has on-site tapping equipment and contains a high-tech laboratory, including a gas chromatograph, used for quality assurance.

Today it is produced in six different ginner, all based on the same three botanicals: juniper, coriander seeds and carrots.

The three botanicals are distilled differently to obtain the best possible scent and each their unique taste. Especially coriander seeds have many unwanted flavor components that are removed during the distillation process.

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