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The story of Navy Strengths

Navy Strength Gin 

We are in the dark times of the 19th century in the waters of Britain. The Royal Navy's sailors are on full alert. There are enemies in the water and battle is inevitable.

The cannons roar from the enemy ships against The Royal Navy's fleet and back again.

In the heat of battle, holes are split in the British gin barrels, and their "Navy Strength" gin spills out, soaking through the cannons. A young sailor nevertheless ignites the gin-wet fuses and has the enemy ships sent down.

How could this be done?

The Royal Navy's sailors in the 19th century thought their gin was too thin - so they put it to the test! Out they poured gin and gunpowder on the floor and set fire to the whimsical cocktail. If, and only if, it burned with a clear flame, then it was proof that the gin had a minimum of 57.15% alcohol - and it was thus a "gunpowder proof" on a true "Navy Strength" gin!

"Navy Strength" gin was invented both to keep the sailors full and warm on cold nights on a cold sea, but also in the event that a pirate war should break out. There are even some who would argue that there were also certain health benefits to the "Navy Strength" gin strength.

ELG Gin No. 3 - probably the world's best "Navy Strength" gin 

ELG Gin No. 3 is a real "Navy Strength" gin!

57% - even though there are high percentages, the gin's taste depends on e.g. citrus clearly throughout.

ELG Gin No. 3 is phenomenal for your drinks, as you can taste the gin's taste notes (due to the high alcohol percentage).

In addition, the drink opalesces with tonic

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