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Much more aquavit

These days, aquavit is being tapped on the loose here at Stengården. Akvavit is derived from the Latin Aqua Vitae and means ´Water of life´. 

For many years, aquavit has been known as an accompaniment to sumptuous lunches, preferably around Christmas, Easter and Pentecost. But much has happened since aquavit won the hearts of the people in the Middle Ages as a recognized medicine added to healing herbs.

Since the middle of the 19th century, the well-known quality aquavits began to be produced and since then, several different aquavits have seen the light of day. 

Akvavitten has its origins in the Nordic countries, where today up to 100 different varieties are produced. Elk Spirits Akvavit is one of them and is suitable with its notes of star anise, orange and licorice both for the traditional Danish lunch table - but also in a good drink. 

We have put together a few suggestions for you - and you can always find our aquavit here



Drink med akvavit

Lil ’silver martini

Martinien - a classic.

Beautiful and elegant in all its simplicity. It's about a vermouth, a liquor and then some quiet accessory that gives it a beautiful, light and elegant look. 


  • 5 cl Elk Akvavit
  • 1.5 cl Lillet Blanc

Course of action:

Stir over ice and sift into an ice cold cocktail glass. garnish with a piece of lemongrass, which is rubbed over the edge and placed in the glass. Alternatively, stick a few star anise on a toothpick with an olive at the end - for a combination of aroma and taste. 


Fennel freshener with aquavit

The long bright evenings of summer are on the way - and a cooling drink with a taste that beats the traditional drinks of many, many lengths, is this fennel freshener with aquavit. 

Fennikelforfrisker - drink med akvavit


  • Freshly squeezed fennel juice (1 fennel + 1 apple squeezed in juices)
  • Juice from 1 lemon (alternatively lemon juice from bottle)
  • A little syrup, taste neutral
  • 6 cl Elk Akvavit
  • Broken is

Course of action:

  1. Put juice, lemon juice, syrup, aquavit and crushed ice in a shaker
  2. shake it really well.
  3. Pour it into 2 tall glasses and serve immediately.

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