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Oak Gin - find great recipes for drinks with Oak Gin

Oak Gin  is a single cask barrel aged oak gin. And has a slightly heavier and darker taste than the more common and well-known gin. 

At Elg Spirits is ours Oak Gin based on Elg Gin No. 3, which has been stored for 18 months in one and the same 250 liter Oloroso sherry barrel. Immediately before pouring gin on the dish, this has been emptied of Oloroso sherry.

But how do you drink Oak Gin? Can it be used in drinks?

Elk Spirits has ongoing competitions where we place a bottle upside down for the best drink recipe. We receive a lot of amazing drink recipes, which we are really happy to share with you. Here you will find inspiration from some of our fantastic followers on facebook. 


Evas Oak Ginspiration

✔ 1 of Elg Oak Gin
✔ 1 - 2 parts good ginger berries and with a tassel of rosemary
✔ Cucumber pieces

Vibekes Oak Ginspiration , 2 persons

✔ Gin Hazz fromage: 1.5 leaves husblas, o 1 egg, o 30 g sugar, o 1/2 dl gin, o 1/3 dl lime juice, corresponding to approx. 1 large lime, o 1/3 teaspoon lime peel, o 2 tablespoons mango syrup, o 1 dl whipping cream


✔ Put husblas in a bowl of cold water for 5 minutes
✔ Beat eggs and sugar together to a fluffy eggnog
. Twist the husblassen and put it in a saucepan together with 2 tbsp. of the lime juice
✔ Heat on low heat until the husblassen is completely melted. Stir in the meantime
✔ When the husblassen has melted, remove the pan from the heat and add the remaining lime juice and the cracked lime peel together with the gin and mango syrup. Now carefully turn your "Gin Hass" together with egg / sugar without knocking too much air out of the eggnog
✔ Whip the cream to whipped cream. Carefully turn the whipped cream into the eggnog / lime mass
✔Prepare your Gin Hass fromage in a large bowl or in smaller serving glasses and garnish with a slice of lime or sprinkle with a little dried lime peel and a few drops of syrup

Susannes Oak Ginspiration

 ✔ 2 del gin
✔ 2 part strong cold coffee
✔ 1/2 of sugar cane

Mix over crushed ice in a nice cocktail glass 👍🏻


ELG Oak Gin


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