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ELG Sample Box with ELG Gin No. 0, 1, 2 and 3

ELG Sample Box with ELG Gin No. 0, 1, 2 and 3

Elg Spirits
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Your personal sample box with a selection of ELG Gin. 

The bottles each contain 5cl.

ELG Gin no. 0   is a gin that was produced after an original and old recipe where the amount of coriander seeds was dramatically increased. Based on only three botanicals: coriander seeds, juniper berries and carrots. 

ELG Gin No. 1 is known for its unique signature of juniper and since the first batch saw the market reaped many international awards. The carrots which have never been associated with gin before, have helped to establish the Nordic roots of the gin. 

ELG Gin No. 2   is Elg Spirits "Old Tom" gin - a gin that originated from Hodges Distillery, where master distiller Tom Chamberlain developed the gin. Henrik Elsner has since refined the gin and added the Elg Spirit's own signature with a distinctive extract of juniper. 

ELG Gin No. 3 is a so-called Navy Strength. Navy Strength is a quality term for "proof of spirits" invented by sailors who were both paid in gin but also had to make sure that the gunpowder could burn even when wet. The alcohol percentage of 57.2% has also resulted in more essential oils being present than in ELG Gin No 1.

The sample box contains:

  • 1 fl. ELG No 0 Premium Danish Gin - 47.2%
  • 1 fl. ELG No 1 premium Danish Gin - 47.2%
  • 1 fl. ELG No. 2. Danish Danish Gin - 46.3%
  • 1 fl. ELG No 3 premium Danish Gin - 57.2%