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ELG Gin No. 3

ELG Gin No. 3

Elg Spirits
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Elg Gin No. 3 is a "Navy Strength" gin.

"Navy Strength" has its origins in the concept of "proof spirits", which originated in the 19th century sailors who measured the quality of the gin on the percentage content. 

The alcohol content of the gin had be higher than 57% - otherwise the gunpowder would not ignite if the barrels got broen and the gin soaked the gunpowder. 

It contains 10% more alcohol than Elg Gin No. 1 and has 34% more flavors. It gives an intense taste of both aroma and citrus notes.


Elg Gin No. 3's can be used in countless cocktails such as: The gimlet, which consists of equal parts gin and lime juice or as a GT with e.g. Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic and a slice of lemon. But beware ... You quickly forget that the alcohol percentage is high because of the delicious taste.