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Good drinks with aquavit - get inspired here

Easter is just around the corner - and do you have your schnapps ready? We have found these three top-delicious drinks, which are made perfectly with our aquavit. ELG Akvavit was named the world's best aquavit in 2020. So even if the mother-in-law does not like schnapps, you can impress her and all the others with these tip-top-delicious aquavit / schnapps drinks - and otherwise ELG Akvavit is also a heavenly schnapps, to drink pure.


Happy Easter!


Nordic ELK Mojito 

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  • 5 cl. ELG Akvavit 
  • 1/2 lime 
  • 1.5 cl sugar syrup 
  • 10 mint leaves 
  •  A splash of pastis, pernod or ouzo 

How to make your ELG Nordic Mojito: 

The half lime boat should be divided into 3-4 smaller boats. Lime boats, sugar syrup and a splash of anise liqueur should now be in a tall glass, and now mash it with a muddler (if you do not have a muddler, the shaft of a wooden pot can do it). The coin must now be slapped between the hands to release the oils. Now put the coin in the glass. Mash it all a little more together, add ELG Akvavit and crushed ice. Stir around, and top if necessary. the drink with a little more crushed ice and mint.

And goodbye! You now have a fresh, delicious mojito, on ELG Spirit's award-winning aquavit. A fantastic refreshment, delicious and refreshing, just like the original mojito. 

This lovely drink works for almost all good food, but is extra suitable for seafood - and thus for herring for your Easter lunch!                      


ELK Akvavit Tonic:  

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  • 5 cl. ELG Akvavit 
  • Tonic water. Possibly. the quality Fever-Tree tonic water that can be found on linked here: 

How to make your ELG Akvavit Tonic: 

ELK Gin & Tonic - a classic! It's exactly as we know our much-loved ELG G & T - but now just with ELG Akvavit! The aquavit gives the drink a nice soft and mild taste, and the drink will thus work really well as an aperitif before the meal. 

So what you need to do to make the perfect - and simple - Akvavit Tonic, is to: 

  1. Pour ice cubes into a tall glass
  2. Pour ELG Akvavit in 
  3. Top with tonic water 
  4. Decorate with a lime boat 

Voilá and you have given the Easter fun a home-run - for you and all your close G&T lovers. 


ELG Akvavit Strawberry Daiquiri: 



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  • 5 cl. ELG Akvavit 
  • 5 fresh strawberries 
  • 2 cl. lime juice 
  • 3 cl. sugar syrup 
  • 5-6 drops of parsley oil 

How to make your ELG Akvavit Strawberry Daiquiri: 

Blend parsley very finely together with copious amounts of neutral oil so that you eventually get a green and uniform oil. Divide your strawberries into half or quarter pieces and add all the ingredients, inclusive ELG Akvavit, as well as ice cubes in a shaker. Shake hard so that the strawberries are crushed.

Pour it into a cocktail or martini glass, but sift strawberry pieces and ice cubes from first so you do not get lumps. Finally, drizzle a little parsley oil over the cocktail. 

You have now got your festive drink that tastes of summer and reminds of the joys of life.

Bon appetit, madame or sir! 

Psst ..! You can easily make the drink simpler at home - with just ELK Akvavit, strawberries and lime juice ;-)


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The article is written by Viktor Salquist Stille

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